Save Your Date, the French wedding planner

« There is always some madness in love.
But there is also always some reason in madness »
Friedrich Nietzsche

Why choose a wedding planner?

A wedding planner… because you don’t have the time,
A wedding planner… because you lack inspiration,
A wedding planner… because you’re stressed out,
A wedding planner… because you’re far from the venue,
A wedding planner… because you want a professional to help you choose the best suppliers,
A wedding planner… because your family and friends have a tendency to impose their ideas on you,
A wedding planner… because you’ve always dreamed of your big day and you want it to be special,
A wedding planner… because you want to enjoy, not dread, the run-up to your big day!

Why choose Save Your Date to plan your wedding?

It’s simple. We love the energy and passion that are part of every wedding. We love the creativity that goes into making your big day special. And we love sharing our ideas with you.
We love working alongside each bride and groom-to-be, offering our experience and expertise.
Our goal is that you should find the perfect reception venue, that the look and feel of your wedding matches your personalities and exceed your wildest dreams, that you get to spend time with your loved ones on your wedding day, that each detail is meticulously planned and, ultimately, that you spend your wedding relaxing and laughing with your guests and enjoying every second of your perfect day!





Project Manager

« Thank you, thank you and thank you again. »

Bérénice & Sébastien – september, 2016

« You were born to do this job! »

Cécile, mother’s bride – september, 2016

« When can we do it again?! »

Claire & Cédric – september, 2016

« All our guests were blown away and complimented us. »

Fabienne & Nicolas – July, 2016

« We have such wonderful memories of this wonderful celebration which we owe in part to Cécile. »

Laurence & Tanguy – April, 2016

« Reliable, friendly, creative and professional are just a few words to describe the agency. »

Caroline & Vincent – september, 2015

« Thanks Cécile, thanks to you our wedding was the best day of our lives! »

Magalie & Thomas – June, 2015

« Our experience with Save Your Date was a resounding success. »

Delphine & Maxime – August, 2014